Quality Manager

Qualification: Minimum Graduation ( / MBA will be preferred)

Experience: More than 15 Years

Industry: Textile/ Apparel/ Fashion/ Garment

Job Objective

  • To achieve and sustain the target Final Random Inspection (FRI) pass rate 99.5%.
  • Zero quality complain from customers and maintaining green zone (Factory rating) in customer quality rating.
  • To reduce and improve the defect rate in the sewinglines (defect sper hundred units-DHU) as per company target.
  • To reduce and sustain the Observed Quality Level (OQL) 2.5% (or As per company policy).
  • To achieve and improve the garments Rejection rate less than 0.5% (or as per company policy).

Duties and Responsibilities

  • To encourage the teamwork based on innovative ideas to meet the customer expectation in term of quality and on time delivery.
  • To guide the team to follow the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) in all stages of manufacturing process.
  • Complete study/Analysis of Tech pack, Final sealed samples with approved comments provided by the buyer to achieve operational excellence.
  • Join pre-production meeting to take handover of style file from merchant and sampling department and clarify all the doubts about the style.
  • To conduct internal audits and checking process to control the product on each and every stage.
  • Final go ahead of bulk production, after reviewing the comments of Pilotrun/First Output of every style.
  • Preventive/corrective action to be taken in the different stages of production.
  • To ensure quality inspections are carried out as per Inspection Plan.
  • To ensure there are no final inspection failures.
  • Analyzing the status of the product quality, by testing the product on Accepted quality level (AQL Level).
  • Identification, reviewing, segregation of non-conforming products.
  • Conduct various training programas: Operator's training, High DHU operator counselling, checke's training etc to control the alteration rate and reduce the rejections due to sewing and finishing process.
  • To implement First Time right concept in production process.
  • To implementation of corrective actions plans and prevent the process aswell. (If applicable).
  • To implement stringent SOP in place to produce safe and legal product at various stage of manufacturing with competence of the team.