Who We Are

We always ensure consistent quality for products, delivering an end-product that we are both proud of and one that will surpass your expectations. We strive to be a learning organization & committed to providing a healthy working environment to our employees by creating a nourishing & efficient work culture.

We are a 100% export-oriented unit where we can import fabric and components duty-free and tax-free without any license. The factory is fully focused on multiple product ranges in the heavy and light stitching domain. The layout has been designed as per product mix with minimal transportation loss. Control Boards and SOP Visuals along with Andon practices are to be initiated in this facility.

Manufacturing Excellence

Quality Excellence

We perceive quality as the pride of workmanship, and we want to take full pride in it. Thus, we have an efficient team of technicians and a dedicated quality assurance team with the highest standards that follow a detailed quality check on fabric, trims, pre-production, and post-production.

Pre-Production Quality Assurance: Includes feasibility of the garment, risk evaluation of new products, planning for folders, special training for new operations, pre-run, sealed samples, style launch meeting, and first bundle approval.

Production Quality Assurance: Audit of fabric and trims, in-line and end-of-line audits, AQL audits. We can also help our customers with the use of external agencies like BV and SGS for their final audit.

That’s How We Process

Dedicated product development department with a mix of Industrial engineers, Merchant, Cost accountants, quality, pattern masters & skilled operators completely free from daily operations and style in production.

This department focuses on coordinating with you to arrive at approvals on fit, styling, workmanship, wash, and accessories to eliminate deviations before mass production. Printing & Embroidery is done in our own plant, so if you are looking for something specific our sampling team will be glad to help your request.

Critical to pre-production processes is our Industrial Engineering Section which analyzes each style irrespective of order-size, to derive maximum efficiency, product safety & durability. The department is equipped with CAD system & internet tools for providing optimal data transfer capabilities