Who We Are

Mr. Upendra Singh began Equiplus in 2008. Equiplus has grown to cater the demand for the finest names in the sports, equestrian and pet accessories market. We are committed to serving our customers through design-led innovation, vertically integrated operations, and optimistic social & environmental business practices. We strongly believe in providing high priority to Customer Service & we firmly stand behind all that we do. We have built our business on this axiom. Today we are renewing old relationships and building new ones, enabling us to anticipate our customer needs and pro-actively generate relevant solutions.

Investing in Apprentices
45+ every month
getting machine ready
Driving Sustainability
renewable solar energy by 2023
Women employee
total workforce
processing units

Our Capabilities

We have a 5,000sq.ft. showroom to display the latest trends developed each season, as per our buyer's requirements and to reflect our future business plan. Product development department with a mix of Industrial engineers, Merchant, Cost accountants, quality, pattern masters & skilled operators completely free from daily operations and style in production.

Quilting Facility
Own Production
Padding plant
Manufacturing Plant
52 tons
Polyfill Manufacturing
26 million
Embroidery swatches per month
+15 Tests
Inbuilt in our internal laboratory
Quilting meter per month
Gemini CAD
Designing with camera system
200 KW
Solar Panel
Production capacity units per month
160,000 Sq. Ft.
Clean and Hygienic factory, flourishing over area
620 CBM
to produceed raw material of around
5000 Sq. Ft.
Showrrom Area


Quality is the driving force behind all our actions which however needs consistent training and development of the workforce and production processes which in turn gives us an edge and makes us stand with best globally.

Social And Ethical
Environment Sustainability
Employee Health and Wellbeing
International Standards Testing
Quality Compliance


What People Says?